Annual Roof Check-Up

Your roof is one of the most expensive investments that you will make in your home. Your roof is the front-line of defense, ‘weathering’ whatever Mother Nature throws its away day in and day out. On-call 24/7, your roof doesn’t take a day off! So, any cracks in your roofing system is a break in your home’s exterior to properly shed water away from your home.

During the spring and summer, hail storm can take a toll on your roof. During the fall & winter, gusting wind storms can wreak havoc on your roof, causing shingles to blow off, break, curl or lift. It’s important to conduct an annual roofing check-up to ensure that you roof is in functioning order, and there are no problem spots that should be immediately addressed.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the things that you should look for during your annual roofing check-up:

Perimeter Walk

It is important to do a perimeter walk around the exterior of your home to see if anything looks out of place or broken. Look around your roof for any signs of damage, these are thing such a dark patches on your roof, algae growing, missing shingles, curling shingles, broken shingles, bruised shingles, or any potential hazards like overhanging tree branches.

Check Your Gutters

Are your gutters working properly? Are you finding that your gutters are clogged filled with debris or granules from your shingle? Before your gutters and downspouts start leaking into your home from a blockage of debris, be proactive to solve the problem before it worsens! Excessive granules filling your gutters could be a sign of either storm damage, or just simply aging and wearing down asphalt shingles.

Animal or Pest Activity

If you are not actively monitoring your roof and attic, you may not realize if you have wild life or rodents hiding in your home. Particularly during the winter, animals like to nest in the attic of a home for warmth and comfort. If you have any droppings or chew marks, it could be a sign that some type of critter is trying to nest in your home, and coming in through a gap in your roof.

Call The Best Local Dallas Roofers Today

Having an annual roof tune-up is always a good idea. It is important to stay pro-active to monitor and keep up with the health of your roof. As local professionals, we are happy to provide free roofing inspections, and can provide a check-up for you to see the condition of your roof. If a recent hail storm has come through the area, and you are worried that your roof is showing signs of storm damage, just give us a call for a free storm damage inspection! We can give you an honest, no-obligation analysis of the condition of your roof, empowering you to make an informed decision. For more information, visit our website

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