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Extending The Life of Your Roof

Your roof overhead protects your home and belongings from the elements. A leaky roof can cause expensive interior damage, which is why it is so important to care for and maintain your roof before problems arise. While no roof will last forever, a roof is an expensive investment and asset to your home, so it is important to ensure that it is in tip-top shape so that it can perform at max capacity for years to come! Extending your roof’s life even an extra 2-5 years can result in savings! In this article, we will review some things that you as a Dallas homeowner can do to ensure the longevity of your roof.

  1. Installed to Manufacturer Specifications & Code

The most important thing that can be done to ensure the longevity of your roof, and leak-free roofing system for years to come is your roof being installed properly to specifications and code from the get-go. A properly installed roof is the most important factor in your roof achieving the lifespan that your roofing contractor & manufacturer of the roofing material said it would last. An improperly installed roof can quickly lead to roof failure and leaks over just a few years! When we get calls from homeowners with leaky roofs on five and six year old roofs, it is disappointing as that is generally a sign of improper roof installation.

A properly installed roof will have a longer lifespan, and has a stronger foundation to ensure that it can endure all storms and inclement weather that your roof embraces in the Texas climate. This is a major reason to consider hiring a professional, certified and reputable Dallas roofing contractor to ensure they use not only the best materials, but also the best craftsmanship to adhere to manufacturer specifications. This goes beyond just the type of roofing shingle that is used, but replacing decking if it is necessary, using the proper underlayment, accessories, ventilation, flashing, and so forth!

dallas roof installation

It is important that your roof looks beautiful from the ground level – but there is much more to your roof than just what you see from eye level. This is the value of a professional Dallas roofer as we can ensure that the ‘backbone’ of your roofing system is all installed properly (the components that make up your roof).

  1. Proper Maintenance

Just like you care for, and maintain your car, your roof is the same. A roof needs to be tuned-up and maintained to ensure its longevity (just like you may change your car’s oil or air filters in your home). This can help ensure that your roof achieves its expected life expectancy as a roofer can help you stay ahead of any problems or leaks before they develop. This is especially important in Dallas since we are so prone to violent storms, such as tornadoes, rain and hail. A roof inspection twice a year can ensure that there are no visible signs of storm damage to your roof, whether it may be missing shingles, broken shingles, curling shingles, or hail impact to your roof or siding. If we detect vegetation growing on your roof, or tree branches penetrating through your shingles, we can spot this before it turns into a problem!

  1. Making All Necessary Repairs

A key factor to properly maintaining the roof overhead of your home is by making all necessary repairs promptly as they may be required. While having to repair your roof can be less than ideal as its an unplanned for expense (a roof leak never happens at a convenient time), it can be much more costly doing nothing than by simply having the necessary repairs completed. Moreover, hiring the cheapest roofing contractor to make the repairs can also be costly if they do not repair the problematic spot right the first time, it may be required to call another contractor to come out to take a look. We receive numerous calls weekly from Dallas homeowners who had a leaky roof, hired a handyman or contractor to make the repairs, only to find that the repairs did not hold (and possibly not even able to get that roofer back on the phone).

What starts as a small leak can turn into a much more severe problem. This is why it is important to make all repairs as promptly as possible to avoid long-term roof damage. Following this advice, you can help prolong the total lifespan of your existing roof.

  1. Environmental Factors in Texas

Another reason that annual roof inspections are important for your home is due to the severe environmental factors of Texas weather and climate. It is no surprise to any homeowners in Dallas that we receive severe and violent storms annually. Dallas climate brings about extreme heat and ultraviolet rays that your roof’s shingles are exposed to every year. Your roof brunts the elements, whether there are extreme gusting winds, grapefruit size hail stones, monsoon like rainstorms or just shingle-blistering heat. It is important to stay in-front of storm damage before it becomes a problem – and to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof that you invite to your home versus the numerous solicitors you may receive at your door.

  1. Roof Walking

Have you had any additional foot traffic on your roof, such as for hanging Christmas lights? Additional foot traffic can put pressure on your roofing system (i.e. your shingles) causing them to crack or loosening the granules. It is important that you have a professional inspect your roof, as we know how to properly navigate and walk on complex roofing systems.

Call The Best Dallas Roofing Company

If you think your roof may have suffered storm damage from a recent storm, or just simply in need of a roof inspection for your aging roof, then feel free to give us a call today! It is important to maintain and care for your roof to stay on-top of any potential leak spots before they develop. We offer free next day roofing inspections, and appointments can be scheduled by phone or visiting our website www.dallastxroofingpros.com. Call us today to set up your free roofing inspection – we serve the Dallas, Texas metroplex!

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